Plans to Purchase a Donkey

To answer a question posted in the comments section:  
How are my plans to purchase a donkey coming?

The answer is: EXCELLENT!

More specifically, I have found a donkey that I intend to purchase for 150 Somoni or roughly $33, I have shaken hands with the donkey's current owner to communicate the deal is as good as done. The Donkey is located 5 km from Shaartuz. I plan to ride the donkey back to Shaartuz once it is purchased! I am anticipating the day I purchase a mini-donkey that I can ride to be one of the best days of my life.

If anyone has any good ideas for the pet Donkey's name, I would love to hear them.

After riding the donkey around town for a few weeks, I plan to re-sell the donkey at the animal market which happens on Sundays.

My father had a saying he liked to use as a personal description: "If I were poor they'd call me crazy, but since I have a little money they call me eccentric."

I can assure you that there will be no linguistic differentiation between crazy and eccentric for a foreigner riding a donkey... CRAZY is the only option.

мумкин ман девона аст!


  1. Will the donkey stay inside?...like Ping the duck perhaps.

  2. Hopefully the Donkey will have better fortune than Ping, rest her soul. The donkey will reside at a local family's house (outside with the cows) and spend its days at the office with me. It's a mini-Donkey, but not mini enough to come inside. I have learned from my parents that indoor/ outdoor mini-goats just meant that the goats pooped indoors and outdoors, I'm not looking to make a family tradition out of this. The exception is for foul when they are not fully feathered, hence Ping the Duck, Garlic, Bacon, and Ice cream...and of course a half human/half animal named Danimal that can always stay inside.

  3. Mikey would be solid name. Able to carry things(particularly canoes) on his back for long distances, good for late night discussions, hairy face, distinct jaw bones. Hi Aligator! I've tried to comment before, but things conspire to swallow them up. Hope this one works. I'll send you a more detailed email if you send me your email address! Your blog is awesome and I've sent it along to the ol' sister. They enjoy following you two too to to to.


  4. How exciting! I feel like I am getting the opportunity to get involved in an international incident.

    As you know naming your Donkey is super important, you don't want to name your donkey Stephanie when she's a Rambo. It might be helpful to figure out your primary relationship to the Donkey.

    Is your Donkey strictly a commuter vehicle? Is it fuel efficient (What is the mpg (miles/grain)?) or is it a grain guzzling offroading machine? Is it a sexy two door coupe or a family friendly mini-van? What color is the donkey? Will your insurance go up because the donkey is red and it's a fact that in rush hour traffic Tajik police are more likely to pull over red donkeys that brown ones because they stick out more.

    Is this donkey a family member? I think it's smart to not have him pooping in the house? Unless you are cold in which case many cultures have used manure as radient heat. Will he take yours or Mikey's last name? (Possibly hyphenated with his own (Donkey-Church...I'd attend that church).

    Is he part to of your how to get rich quick in Tajikistan seminar? Maybe before you sell him you could create a small bike-donkey courier company. All you have to do is train the donkey to read and write!

    What are your donkey's political leanings? Okay maybe that’s going too far. Here is my partial list:
    Donkeyson(daughter) Donkey (Viking tradition named for it's sex after it's donkey parents),
    Kong (get it... Donkey Kong),
    Casstro...ass hahahahaha,
    Burrito... if it's little

  5. This is a post from Josh exclusively.:

    Hidalago is the name for your donkey, Ali. If you don't name it that way you shouldn't ride it.

  6. Wow there are already so many good names I don't know what to do but offer my endorsement of one of the ones above. it has to be a toss-up between Burrito and Hidalgo but Hidalgo is solid, so prestigious.