Church Love

This is what happens when our Church branch gets together with the horse thieving Church branch. Ben (horse thief Church) I have never met someone so completely ridiculous, it was wonderful spending the day with you and Maggie. You can always bring out the best in people, in this case Mama Church.


Canoeing the Blackfoot River, Missoula

Following in Lewis and Clark's Footsteps... Adventures on the Wild and Scenic Missouri River

A 150 mile float from Fort Benton to Fort Kipp, Montana: 3 canoes, 6 people, and a dog. The crew was composed of Mikey and me, Zach and Barbara Dziedzic, Kenny Fletcher, and Katphish. We paddled, sailed, and floatilladed our way down the river as we were serenaded by the bards of nature and the musicians in our group. Spectacular!

The trip as a whole was a huge success! Mikey escaped the library and his thesis to enjoy the Montana summer in all its glory. Zach buffed up his already extensive knowledge of Lewis and Clark, while teaching all of us along the way. Barbara sang like an angel with her travel guitar and made the birds jealous. Kenny picked the places we hiked and then motivated the willing to beautiful views. Katphish caught a massive catfish and decided to change his name in honor of the moment. Venga overcame all sorts of adversity and survived another trip into the wilderness, she's built quite an impressive resume. I enjoyed the company of good friends, wild landscapes, and delicious food more than I can explain here.

As we floated down river, there was lots of talk about Lewis and Clark pulling their canoes upriver, one thing is certain, they were a lot tougher than I can ever imagine being. Between the prickly pear cactus and swarming mosquitoes, land could be inhospitable, while simultaneously acting like a siren in all it's beauty calling us to hike its cliffs and mountains. The views from above were incredible.

Check out the slideshow to see photos of the trip.