Outlook for 2011

After the New Years holiday weekend in Dushanbe, Mikey and I have separated on our own adventures. I have returned to Shaartuz where there is currently an ex-pat community of 1- me; Mikey has headed to the roof of the world where a pair of skis awaits him. When Mikey found out there was a pair of skis for him he had a look that reminded me of how happy he was on our wedding day. Unfortunately on our wedding day he didn’t jump up and down and say “Christmas comes more than once this year!” as he did when he heard about the skis. The skis can function as down hill and cross country skis, there utility is both practical and abstract, as it has bolstered Mikey’s 2011 outlook significantly. As for my 2011 outlook, things are looking good. In Shaartuz I am full-speed ahead with youth meetings.

Mikey and I will meet again on the 5th of February and we will be formally inducted in to the Dushanbe Hash Hound Harriers. This honor will be bestowed upon us after we set the trail for the afternoon run/walk. This tradition is hazing at its best. Following this event we will welcome Mikey’s sister Katie and her main man Myles to TJ on the 6th. We’ve got a lot of things we’re looking forward to in the near future!

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