I blog. I'm a blogger.

Here is a link to my Buskashi photos. Also included are some pics from the Heli ride from Khorog back to Dushanbe, that was awesome: http://www.flicker.com/photos/mikeylikesbikes
I have posted a few pics here, but I encourage you to check out the rest at the above website.

Yes, as Ali points out this is my first blog post ever. I blog. I'm a blogger. It is also my first on-line photo album. I recently purchased a digital camera and I have been spotted texting very slowly. Are these all symptoms of my sisification--the wimpyness of modern man? (see Reuters article "Modern Man a Wimp says Anthropologist"). Note: I don't Facebook, I don't exactly know what Twitter is, and it took me several days of work to get my photos on the Internet, but my friend Alex did once convince me to open a Friendster account.

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  1. YO mikey these photos are so awesome! It's good to hear of your guy's experiences and also to know that you are living by your important travel rules (or the one you encouraged me to live by- to do stupidest possible things in order to end up in a good situation) feliz navidad.