Welcomed Surprises, St. Mary's Style

Living in Dushanbe, life is unpredictable. Last week Mikey was at the US Embassy, in the cafeteria Mikey literally ran into a St. Mary's College professor of ours, Michael Cain. Much to our surprise and good fortune Prof. Cain is in Dushanbe for a month doing research on small hydro-electric projects in Tajikistan. As Mikey's Fulbright is also a project involving water, it has been a wonderful coincidence. Prof. Cain's enthusiasm for meeting with us and assisting us while he's in town reinforces to me how lucky we are to be alumni of St. Mary's. To the right is a photo of Prof. Cain and Mikey in front of a bank, the dollar bill signs were too good a photo opportunity to pass up.

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