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Another weekend...another Buzkachi Match!

Our photo's of Buzkashi will soon be posted, but in the meantime feast your eyes on these photos taken by Olivie, one of our French companions from last weekend:


Today's match was sweet, I got to ride a Charvando's (competitors) horse around while he was taking a break from the game. I had a grin ear to ear!

We returned home to our neighborhood a buzz, the tandori oven in the courtyard was blazing, and everyone older than 10 years old was beginning the preparation for Eid. Everyone younger than 10 years old was hanging out with Mikey and me. Mikey has won hearts and minds fixing all the neighborhood bicycles. An older woman from my building mistook me for being Iranian today...a fantastic sign...I can't say a lot of things in Tajik, but my sentence structure must be good. My accent is still a little off if someone thinks I'm speaking Farsi, but I'll take it.

Less than 12 hours and we begin our journey to really big, beautiful mountain country :)

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  1. Those are some awesome photos. I thought the goat would be more drippy. I can't wait to see one with you on a horse! And there are some sexy Tajik Bouzkachi participants. So the ladies don't typically make it out to watch? I'm excited to hear about your time in the GBAO. Why is it named that?