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I decided to start a blog for myself and Mikey to make our photos and adventures more accessible to everyone. The slide show to the right displays the photos we took during the Winter and Spring. Including: crossing country skiing which we fell in love with and did a lot of, goldbug hot springs in Idaho, my first triathlon, Ping the duck (before Ping's untimely death) and Oliver the house cat, a double rainbow in our front yard, misc., and our most recent adventure...

This past weekend we explored the Rocky Mountain Front of Montana, near Choteau. This is where the prairie meets the Rocky Mountains. The change from flat to mountainous is abrupt, creating mountains on the rim that are referred to as reefs- steep cliffs. It's incredible, neither of us had ever seen anything like it. Mikey forgot to pack his hiking boots, he toughed a long day of snow trekking in tevas and socks with no complaints, impressive to say the least.

Following the recommendation of Mikey's professor Rick Graetz we explored the area around Rocky Mountain, the tallest peak on the Rocky Mountain Front. We made it to the ridge, but not quite to the summit. It was a long, fun day of hiking straight up. Check out the video below to see a portion of our quick decent, use sound if you can. Woohoo!

A lot of work is being done to protect the front from further development, for more details on this effort check out:
and a local Missoulian article about Rick's personal efforts:

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